Academy Days – And now for the fun part….

Hey everyone!

So super sorry that this post is overdue, but work and life and all those other lame excuses got in the way. So while I procrastinate cleaning my room, I’m gunna write a blog post 🙂

What have I been doing these past few weeks? Well just really basic stuff, in fact to the point where is was getting boring. Every face chart we were doing looked the same.We are now (finally) moving on to some really cool stuff, but I’ll start from the start I guess…

Week 2

This week we learned corrective eye techniques, so basically how to make down-turned eyes look less downturned and so on, and more importantly what not to accentuate. Very important, but a lot of it is just making sure you work on a variety of clients and sort of feeling out what works and what doesn’t. You can see straight away when something isn’t right. We also learned a few basic makeup techniques this week, like a colour wash eye, blush, mascara and curling lashes (which is completely daunting, and mascara is this worst thing ever to apply) and were handed our very first assignment, which focused on an industry overview and different peoples roles within the film/fashion/beauty industries, which lead us into the second part of the assignment; a speech on a randomly selected person of interest and their role etc within the industry. I got Kate Moss. More on that later.

Week 3

This week we learned socket, glamour and smokey eye techniques, plus the application of individual and full bar lashes. I have to say, this had to be the most hilarious week ever. Most peoples smokey eyes were absolutely hilarious! Just so full on, and I don’t think many of us were used to having so much makeup on. Then individual lashes, oh my gosh… I was in tears from laughing so much, pretty much the whole lesson. For those of you who don’t know, individual lashes are like little tufts of lashes, knotted together at one end. Basically you dip the knotted end into lash glue and nestle them between the natural lashes. It gives a really natural effect, but are quite tricky to apply the first time. If you have too much glue on the lash, it can stick to the lower lid when applying and glue the eyelids together, which happened to the model we were working on. We were told to let the client know before hand that it may be a little sticky when they go to open their eyes so that they don’t freak out if it does happen. So we got our model to try and open her eyes, and they were nearly completely glued together which was funny enough in itself. But to add to it, when we finally did get her eyes open, we had accidentally glued some of the lashes to her lower lash line, and OMG you had to be there, or I should have taken photos. Hilarious. That’s all I have to say.

Week 4

We handed in our assignments and presented our speeches this week. I haven’t done a speech in YEARS, and it was so different from the formal speeches I had to do in high school and art college that I felt a little bit lost. Kate Moss I found was quite difficult to do. She didn’t really have to do anything to get into the industry, and whilst she is an incredibly influential figure, I kinda wished I had got a makeup artist or something like that. We were all so tired that day too, but luckily there were many lolly handouts and we were all on a sugar high by the end of it. We also worked on improving our face charts this week. Face charts for makeup artists are like patterns to dressmakers. They are like a rough copy and a set of instructions so that anyone can do a look that you’ve designed. They are also good for makeup trials, and pitching ideas to potential clients. Here’s one I did for a makeup on a friend for a ball, and then what it actually looked like on the client:


Kate - August 2014

As you can see, it just maps everything out. I love doing these, it’s like colouring in for adults. And mine are no where near as cool as some I have seen lately. They can be absolutely hectic!

Week 5

This week we had mature age and oriental makeup practices on actual models, not on each other. My lovely mum traveled down from Gympie and spent a ridiculous amount on parking to be my model. Makeup on mature skin is a lot more difficult than it looks, I really struggled with this one, and the products were not helping. The foundations exaggerated fine lines and separated on Mum’s skin and the eye shadows all came out really red toned. She didn’t like ANY of the lipsticks (which I don’t really like them either so fair enough) so we ended up using her own. She was also not impressed by the fact we had to draw her eyebrows on, but I think I will just not make them so dark if I have to do it again. I unfortunately had two oriental ladies back out on me so I didn’t have a model for that. But we were taught this really odd technique for their eyeshape which I have never used or seen used before. Luckily I have done my oriental friend’s makeup several times so I already have some experience in that area. She is also supposed to be my model for the assessment, so if she backs out on me I may kill her (if you read this Sarah, you have been warned). We also started colour fashion photography, which is basically a glamour eye. Nothing too special there.

Week 6

We did Black & White Fashion Photography this week, basically the same as colour, but we just have to make sure that the lip colour shows in the photo, and that the contouring is strong but well blended. Then we moved on to bridal, which was HEC-TIC. It had to be so precise and so perfect, we got a lot of constructive criticism that day and felt a little bit down after the lesson, because it was hard. The demo look was a little deceiving as well, because it was quite full on. I think if I had my makeup turn out like that on my wedding day I would cry. She advised us against nude lips, but all the wedding magazines I have looked at over the years (and there are many of them) had the brides in a pinky nude lip. I don’t know, I guess it all comes down to personal preference really. We also started our fashion catwalk block this week, which is super fun and hectic. Basically they are trying to cut our working time down from an hour and a half to 45 minutes. It’s insane, but we also get a lot more free reign here too. We have a brief we have to create based on a theme due next week, which we then have to apply to a model in 45 minutes and then give a brief overview on your inspiration and how the look fits the brief. I still haven’t decided on the theme and it’s due in 4 days time. Freaking out a tad.

Fun Stuff - August 2014

(Products from top: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette, MAC Mineralize Liquid Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundations for my kit and Nars Orgasm Blush)

Also after writing this I realised that is has been 6 WEEKS since I wrote about the course, I’m so sorry, and slack haha. But in the past 6 weeks, I have done 2 makeup jobs, and have another this week, started buying new things for my kit (*cough cough* and maybe for me, see above), worked a ridiculous amount, ordered some business cards and have only been home to visit my family twice (and one of those was for like 4 hours only 😦 )

It has been insane, but fun. I love it.

Till next time xx

Review – GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Review time!! Today I will be reviewing the newest addition to my Skincare regime, the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. IMG_1997 I’ve wanted to try this one out for a while, because it’s supposed to be like a combo of a mud mask and pore strips (plus a whole heap of other good stuff). But I have been terrified of the price, ($75 for a 50g jar from Mecca Cosmetica just as an average price) until I went in to Mecca a couple of weeks ago and saw they had little baby travel sizes for $22!! So I thought I would give it a go. There are a few different types of this mask, but I got the Youthmud version. The hydrating and eye masks are available from Mecca, but I haven’t seen the clearing or dual cleansing ones in stores in Australia. The packaging is stylish and sturdy, it doesn’t look like it would break easily (and it doesn’t, I accidentally tested that on my bathroom floor). It has a foil seal underneath the screw-top lid, which is great because the sample size didn’t come in a box and I was worried about curious fingers that may have sampled my purchase before I got to it. The product itself is a thick, grey mud with what can only be described as chunks of green matter throughout. It has a very fresh, herbal-ly scent, with a minty (?) hit. I actually really like the smell, it’s not artificial and that’s nice in a beauty product. The website ( claims that in just ten minutes this “facial in a jar” creates camera-ready glowing skin. It hydrates, controls oil production and fights free radical damage. It also claims to draw out impurities, exfoliate away any dull, dry skin and tones, tightens and lifts. It has some fancy patented technology behind it and a bunch off stuff that sounds super exotic, but basically it’s clay, volcanic rock particles and green tea leaves. You apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin, wait ten minutes, then wash off with warm water in circular motions. When you first apply this mask, you understand why they called it a Tinglexfoliant, and I think tingle would be an understatement. It was closer to a burning sensation I would say. If you have very sensitive skin, I would not recommend this product without doing a test patch first. That burning sensation only lasts for the first few minutes though, and when I used the product a second time it wasn’t half as bad. Then comes the tightening sensation, you literally can not move your face. At this stage, the clay is drying, and you can actually see the impurities being drawn into the mask, it’s awesome! I have a lot of blackheads in my T-zone and I could see all the really bad ones being sucked out of their little hidey-holes. After ten minutes, I hopped in the shower and rinsed off as per directions. The physical exfoliation with the product is really nice, really fine and easy to massage into the face if you use enough water. After getting out of the shower, I could notice my pores were more refined, the texture was better, it was really soft and smooth, and definitely less dull. I don’t have a whole heap of wrinkles so I can’t really comment on that side of things but over all I was really happy with the results. I did notice my skin flared up a little bit after removal, but it tends to do that with mud masks and it always calms down after an hour or two, so I wouldn’t recommend doing this right before and event unless you have really tough skin. I would say do it the night before, or even the morning before if you have a night time thing to go to. Would I buy this product again: The verdict is still out on this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way this product works, and the way it makes my skin feel. It’s just the price tag. You don’t need to use very much, so I could get away with using it before special events and just buying the travels sizes when I need to but I just can’t justify buying a full sized jar at the moment. Will recommend this product for oily/combo skin, dull skin that needs a bit of a pick-me-up before something special, ageing skin but not very mature skin as it could be quite strong and possibly damaging. But otherwise, if this sounds like you, give it a go! It’s interesting to say the least, and it’s always fun to try new things. For more info and a full list of ingredients go to Mwah, Hannah xo

Academy Days – First week done!!

Hello again! Just a quick post to update everyone….

First week (and then some, sorry) is done and dusted. I am still exhausted from it but am loving the course so far and cannot wait to see what happens next.

Pretty basic stuff only this week, how to cleanse and remove makeup, playing with a few of the Gorgeous Cosmetics products, applying foundation, concealer and powders, a bit of highlighting and contouring, some colour theory, and hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Isocol and hand sanitizer are my new best friends. I have never been a germophobe until this week, and now I am officially paranoid.

Both the  trainers that I had this week were lovely, very different teaching methods but that’s very refreshing sometimes. The products, especially the foundations, were not great on my skin but they were beautiful on some of the other girls. The new CC Cream was especially beautiful on my model (who has very dry skin), just a little bit of powder on the T-zone and to set the concealer and it was perfect. If you like a fuller coverage CC cream I would check it out, it is supposed to be good for problematic skin too.

I just want to give a shout out to my Sigma brushes, which are AH-MAZ-ING, I may have to save up to get myself a set because I think I am in love. I think I need to consider investing in the Kabuki set, as the foundations we use for class work best when really buffed into the skin. I have been using the Sigma F15 – Duo Fiber Blush Brush for this, which still turns out lovely, but I think something with stiffer, denser fibers would work better.

Everyone in my class are so nice, and so talented, and gorgeous, and funny…. It’s almost painful, but I think there is so much I will be able to learn from everyone.

On a more personal note, if you are considering doing this course, get a wheelie bag. I put my neck out something fierce this week carrying around my shoulder bag and it is not fun. Nor does it make for restful sleep, which is most definitely what I needed this week. I also worked every night after class, which was a bit exhausting, hence the lack of posting. Hopefully next week, I will have a bit more of a routine happening and you may get some more pictorial evidence of my attendance. Maybe.

I also have a couple of reviews/first impressions for you, the Kit Blender Sphere (sponge makeup applicator thing) and GlamGlow Mud Mask, which I got the cutest mini size of from Mecca Cosmetica. The GlamGlow review should be up either tomorrow night or the next, we’ll see how I go. This week in class we are doing eyes, so it should be fun and challenging. I will endeavour not to poke anyone’s eyes out.

Till then, xx

Makeup Artist Meme - What we do - From Pinterest

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Academy Days – Too much stuff!

Well hello again!!

Today is just just a quick post about some stuff that I bought for the course. There’s really not much to it, but it’s good to know what your in for.


This is my brush roll. It is the Chrome Extravaganza Complete Kit from (with the exception of the Real Techniques Brow/Lash Groomer which is from Priceline). It comes with 29 brushes featuring chrome plated ferules. I thought that was kinda fancy and I liked the selection of brushes it came with. They were ridiculously expensive and the shipping is a complete rip-off BUT they are very pretty. HUB Makeup offers students a 23 piece brush roll at a discounted price, but even with the stupid shipping, I still feel like I got a better deal with Sigma. The only downside was the case they came in, it just wasn’t practical. It opened (very stiffly) like a book, which I’m sure would be awesome for travel but it just isn’t practical for a class or even working situation. So, on a random piece of advice, I went to to look at brushes actually, and I stumbled upon this brush roll for $33.50! All the other ones I had been looking at had been double that price. I was so excited, it went straight in the shopping trolley. I then remembered I needed a bag to carry all this stuff I’m supposed to bring everyday, so I had a look and BAM! Found this gem for only $39.95!!…


I nearly lost my mind when I saw it, it’s the perfect size for me (for now anyway) so that went in the cart too. It was $12 for shipping, AND IT ARRIVED IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS, I AM NOT JOKING!! Who even does that???!! I just can’t even right now, I just can’t….

Anyway, in said awesome bag is: Tissues, cotton pads, cotton buds, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, makeup remover, brush cleanser, a salon cape, sectioning clips, my essentials kit (I’ll elaborate below) and tweezers.

The essentials kit contains a stainless steel palette, spatula, disposable mascara wands, sponges, an eyelash curler, pencil sharpener, safety scissors and Duo Clear Lash Adhesive. This comes in a nice little pack from HUB Makeup.


All of this, plus a colour wheel, eye shadow primer (which I just haven’t bought yet) and the obvious note taking materials and coloured pencils for face charts, I need to take everyday to class. Needless to say, I think I will be saving up for a trolley with wheels in the near future.

I was going to show you what is in my makeup kit that I bought too, but I just can’t even think right now. It’s my first day tomorrow, I’m tired, nervous, excited, sick. I kinda feel like this isn’t real. But it is, so I’m up bright an early tomorrow to go back to school for the first time in over 3 years. I will post pics of my outfit, hair and makeup on Facebook tomorrow, maybe I’ll add them in tomorrow’s blog post if I don’t pass out from exhaustion.

Wish me luck xx

Academy Days – In the beginning…

My first, well overdue blog post…

Little bit of background info on me, in case you don’t know my first world struggles. I starting looking into makeup courses pretty much two years ago now and really struggled to find ANYTHING, blogs, vlogs, info etc. on what is actually involved in one of these courses. I wanted to know what I was getting myself into before forking out an excessive amount of money (more on that later). So here I am, running blindly into the world of makeup for YOU! YES YOU!! I’m (hopefully) doing for you what I wish was done for me. I’m going to write about my experiences, what’s involved including cost and lots of other random crap that you probably won’t find interesting, but imma write it anyway.

So after much searching, many open days, and an excessive amount of emails and Facebook conversations, I decided to apply for the Academy of Makeup. They have campuses in Brisbane (that’s me!), Sydney and Melbourne. They offer short courses as well as nationally accredited diplomas and certificates, on both a full time and part time basis. They also have a makeup store (HUB Makeup) attached to the Academy which students get an awesome discount from. They stock mainly Gorgeous Cosmetics but have a decent selection of other brands too. I got a really good vibe from the Academy’s website and the ladies that I spoke to over the phone and email. The one down side is that their website has next to no information about what is involved, you have to email them for anything concrete, including prices and course lengths. The open day was brilliant, although I wish it was a bit longer, they were only open for two hours on that day, and I don’t felt like I saw enough of what they do there.

I am doing a full time Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services (CUF5047). It covers pretty much everything you could want to do makeup-wise from bridal to special FX and even some hair and wig styling. It also includes an airbrushing course. You attend 3 days week, but it is classified as full time, so you are eligible to apply for financial assistance from Centrelink. The course is only 6 months long, which is awesome! But daunting at the same time because you CANNOT miss one day unless you are on your death bed. Missing one day is the difference between a pass or a fail on your entire diploma. I will also need to undertake work experience through out the duration of the diploma.

Now, on to cost. This is the scary part. This course is not VET assisted, which means upfront payment (well, a ridiculous payment plan) of $8,900. It hurts your back pocket a bit. This does not include any of your tools but the plus side is they provide pretty much all of the makeup to use in class (or so I have been lead to believe). A deposit of $1,000 is paid at the time of application, and then a fortnightly payment plan is put in place beginning on your first day of class. Now, you pretty much have to have the money upfront because you would have to be rolling in it to afford their payment plan of $640 a fortnight and still be able to eat. For the diploma, there are some essential items that you need everyday in class, or for particular parts of your course. A professional brush roll is a must, that will set you back around $400. Plus the airbrush and hair styling kits will cost collectively around $1,000. You do not need to purchase your own makeup kit for class but they offer a pretty good deal on a starter kit that you can build upon (I’ll do another post on all the goodies I got later) so especially for diploma students, it’s a good idea to get that or something equivalent. I worked out that all up I would have to spend around $2,500 on extras. It’s a scary amount of money, especially for me. I ike to know what I’m getting myself into, and I am diving way out of my comfort zone with this.

Initially there is a fair amount of paperwork involved, but once that’s out of the way, you just get a few courtesy phone calls to check you are on track with everything, a couple of letters maybe and then it’s time to start. Which for me is on Wednesday, and I’m slightly freaking out. I feel a little sick about the whole thing to tell you the truth but super excited at the same time. Of course my face has retaliated and given me a canvas full of face demons and under eye bags which look like I have been in a fight. Winter has also thrown me its annual gift of super dry skin. Basically ending in a beautiful zombie look, bummer we won’t be doing Special FX first up…

Anyway, this was a pretty boring but necessary post. I promise it will get more exciting, I’ll post face and outfits of the day, behind the scenes stuff, shopping hauls and all that good stuff. That’s if I don’t collapse from exhaustion on my 12 hour academy/work days.

So here’s to exciting new beginnings and being completely and utterly broke 🙂

Till next time (probs tomorrow) xx

(I have waited so long to use this meme, so appreciate it)